Here’s How You Can Restore Deleted Notes From iCloud

With its Notes app, Apple has provided a convenient way for its users to take notes on just about anything. Anyone can easily use this app on their iPhone or any other iOS devices. It is the perfect way to store your sensitive information and details, and you can easily access your notes whenever you want. But what if you lose your notes? This could be a nightmare for anyone. Now, how can you restore your notes? Most people think that restoring lost notes is a difficult task. But it’s not. Any of the iOS device users can get their lost notes back without facing any difficulty. And this is possible with Apple’s iCloud service. Apple’s iCloud service is a reliable backup solution that is used by many iOS device users. Are you also a user of any iOS devices? Have you also lost any notes and want to restore them?

If you are a new user of an iPhone or any iOS device, you might not know how to use the iCloud backup service. But, here, you don’t have to worry at all. We are here to guide you on how you can use Apple’s iCloud service to restore your lost or deleted notes. The following article will let you know the complete procedure to use iCloud service to back up your notes. So, to get the technique, you must read this full report.

The Procedure to Use iCloud Service to Restore Lost Notes

Apple’s iCloud is a cloud-based service that stores all the information you upload from your iPhone or iPad. You can use this service to back up your iOS devices wirelessly and automatically. To use iCloud service on your iOS devices, you must create an account first. It is an easy step. You have to visit the official site of iCloud, and then you can quickly sign up. After creating your iCloud account, you can backup items like purchased history from music, movies, apps, TV shows, photos, and videos from your camera roll, iOS settings, folders, ringtones, messages, and much more. So, if you have lost some important notes, you can use this service to restore them. For that, you will have to go through the procedure that we are going to mention now. So, follow all the instructions carefully:

The Steps to Restore Deleted or Lost Notes Using iCloud

There are various ways through which you can recover your lost notes from iCloud. Here, we have mentioned two methods. The iCloud service doesn’t back up the data stored in iCloud, including contacts, bookmarks, notes, reminders, calendars, mail messages, app documents, apps, music, and all other media files that are not purchased from iTunes. Your iOS device backup only includes apps data stored on your device. You will be able to restore your lost notes on iOS Data Recover. With this, you will find not only notes but also your contacts, bookmarks, reminders, calendars, videos, and other data. iOS Data Recovery is an easy to use recovery tool that Apple has provided to the users. This great software enables its users to recover their lost data on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Here’s how you can recover lost notes from iCloud service:

  • First of all, you will have to launch the iPhone/iPad/iPod data recovery program on your device.
  • And now, on the next screen, click on the “Recover from iCloud Backup Files” option.
  • And then, select and click on your history iCloud backup files in which you will be able to find your deleted notes.
  • After this, go to the “Start Scan” button and click on it. Now, you will see a pop-up window appearing on your screen. Here, you will have to choose the data that you are going to restore.
  • After selecting the data, click on the option of “Next.”
  • After completing the scanning process, you will now see all of your backup files listed according to the category.
  • Go to the “Notes” option. And here, you can choose and recover your lost notes from the preview.
  • At last, go to the “Recover” button and wait for the process to complete. And that’s it.

Alternative Method:

In case you can’t find the data that you have lost, you can try this method. Here’s what you need to do according to this technique:

  • On your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, you need to navigate to the “Settings.”
  • And then, on the Settings screen, tap on the option of “General” and then “Reset.”
  • Now, go through the option of “Erase all Content and Settings.”
  • Finally, go to the “Erase Phone” option. After this, your device will restart. And then, all you need to do is sign into your iCloud account. And then, you will have to select the “Restore from a Backup” option.
  • Now, you can select the file that includes the notes that you want to restore.

So, now, you know how you can restore any deleted notes from iCloud. This isn’t any complex task. If you have any questions or any doubts, you can visit our website and read the related articles. And please stay connected with us to stay updated.

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